Wednesday, 21 September 2011



v     What is the first thing a reader sees when they pick your work to read?
      The title or name of your story. So it is worthwhile putting some thought into it when your work is complete.
v     It is helpful that the title you chose is a catchy one that maybe gives a hint of what the story is about.

v     Sometimes the title for a short story is a phrase that has been used in the body of the work. It could be the opening words of the first line or indeed the last words of the story.

v     Try not to use a twist on old clichés or names of films or songs.

v     Try to be original with your choice.

v     Take a blank page and write out the ideas that come to mind. List the names and when finished, pick the one that represents your story best.

v     If you have a favourite author, look at the titles they use for their stories, in what way do the titles and their stories connect?

v     It is not an easy task but worth taking the time to get it right.    

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