Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A Licence to Thrill & Write

What's the next best thing to looking at pictures of your favourite author or reading their books? Well, meeting them I reckon.
I met so many writers I admire at this year's Listowel Writers Week, I shall share more in future blog posts.
I spent an evening in the company of Anthony Horowitz, screenwriter and crime writer supreme, creator of Alex Rider, Sherlock Holmes novels, Magpie Murders, it goes on and on, and yes, I was on cloud nine. Anthony is friendly, informing, engaging, oh the list is endless and yes I do think he is handsome and sexy. He has written the latest James Bond book, Forever and A Day, which he spoke about and of course all his other great reads.
Interviewed by Rick O'Shea, whom I also got to talk with, another amazing gentleman and yes equally engaging as Anthony, the two men chatted and entertained their many fans. Rick also presented me with my ROSBC badge!! I'm so proud of it, (photos in another post). Rick runs the largest online book club in Ireland and works on the national radio station with his own show. Find the book club on FaceBook, link below.
Anthony and Rick 2018

I, of course got the two gentlemen to sign my books.
To add to my enjoyment of meeting Anthony, imagine my delight when my copy of Writing Magazine popped through my letterbox three days after the festival, and there smiling at me on the cover was Mr. Anthony Horowitz himself.

A writer's life has its moments and this was one of those times that topped all others.


Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Rare Sighting is Being Enjoyed Right Now


Where would we Irish be without it? The best ice-breaker in all social occasions. This year in Ireland, Spring didn't turn up! As far as I'm concerned, it was just one long winter since Nov 2017. Admittedly we got one glorious day in April, and many thought that may have been our summer, but thankfully that rare sighting of the sun has made another appearance this May weekend.
This got me thinking (dangerous thing having me thinking) how does the weather play a part in your writing? Does it make an appearance at all? How effective is it in writing?
In my first novel, My Husband's Sin, I used the weather to tell the passing of seasons/time. Describing the days using clothing, school holidays etc.
'The biting wind whipped her scarf off as she grabbed it to cover her mouth and nose from the Arctic cold while she raced for home...'
'Rain pelted down now for five days, fields filling with water, animals stranded on island like patches dotted throughout the countryside...'
I've noticed too that my characters moods are reflected in the weather of the time, sunny bright days = upbeat mood, joyful, contented.
How do you use the weather in your writing? Have you paragraphs describing the elements or just a passing mention? How much is too much? Or do you believe its essential when creating mood, atmosphere or scene setting?
Weather , whatever we think of it or how we feel, one thing's for certain, it has a big part to play in life.

Happy writing, x

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

First thoughts in on, Don't Call Me Mum.

When one of your favourite authors reads your book, you hold your breath waiting to hear if they enjoyed it or not. I recently asked international best-selling author, Denyse Woods, would she be happy to read, Don't call Me Mum and she agreed much to my delight. This is what she had to share about my second novel, I am thrilled to say the very least.

'Sisters and brothers, divas and daughters, parents and newborns, high fashion and friendship – Don’t Call Me Mum delivers all this as it explores, and celebrates, the contortions of family dynamics. Throw in a religious vocation and illness with an aftershock, and you won’t be able to stop reading as Lacey Taylor, hurt but resilient, faces new challenges and shows her true grit. Another absorbing, fast-paced family drama from Mary Bradford.'

Denyse Woods, author of the critically-acclaimed, Overnight to Innsbruck and the best-selling, The Catalpa Tree and others is celebrating the publication of her sixth new novel, Of Sea and Sand, out this month in America and Ireland in April. 

You can find out more at the following links:  


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Launching today, Novel Two

It's here, the day of all days that I am so excited about. Release day for my second novel, Don't Call Me Mum. 
Use this link to get your copy for 99c/99p

The joy of seeing your hard work come to fruition is overwhelming, the edits, the cover, (oh I love the cover part), the launch day and sharing it, Heaven. I am beyond thrilled. It spurs you on to the next book, what will it be? Who will be in it? What is the story? All the questions waiting for answers. 

In this novel you will meet all sorts of family dramas, old characters and new. The Taylor's have gone through their own share of heartache, how much more can they take? When life should be strolling along for them, it is sprinting ahead to the unknown. 

I know you will enjoy this book, I really enjoyed writing it. So tell your friends and family and let's get this book on the road so everyone knows it's out there. 

Happy reading and happy writing xx