Monday, 17 September 2018

My Plan of Attack

What do you do when faced with a dilemma?
You think about the issue, write down the pros and cons, gather your thoughts and then hey (hopefully) presto, you have sorted it all out.

Sooooooo, I kinda did that.

I need to have my third novel written by the end of October this year. My decision, totally my own  madcap idea.

How do I make this work? From now until the end of the October, I've got limited time. I want my weekends off, so Monday to Friday, I shall write.
I work out the word count I think will be needed, based on my last novels.
So this gives me my daily word count with weekends off.

Can I do it? Hell yes I can!

So my third novel, Cregane Court (Working Title) shall be tackled with determination and discipline and hopefully I will be posting here in November about how successful I've been.
If not, I will be eating chocolate and happy that I at least gave it ago.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” Greg Reid

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Guilt Be Gone

September already and so far this year the many writing plans I had in mind last January have taken a backseat. But that's okay, although for months, I battered myself with guilt. It really was only over this weekend, I realised I don't need to be stuck to a timetable or need permission to not turn up to the page. Writing like everything else in my life will have its moments.
It's not like I've sat back and ignored the two novels I began months ago, or the hunt I wanted to go on for an agent, the marketing ides I need to come up with to sell my books, I didn't. It was, that other equally important matters as my writing life, needed my attention.
How many nights did I twist and turn thinking how I will sit at the desk in the morning and write thousands of words, knowing deep down, it wasn't going to happen. Life happens in cycles like the seasons of each year, there is a time for everything.
Family and health took priority so far this year and rightly so. Now that I am on a more even keel with both of those issues, my time can once more be diverted to my writing. It feels right now to sit and type, or think, or plan, or whatever is required for what I'm dealing with, novel, short story, promotion etc.
If you've missed some time at your desk, relax, it will right itself. A writer is never off duty, if you are not writing you will be thinking about it, breathing it, so let the guilt go.
Plus the year isn't over yet, I might complete all I want to do yet and so might you.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Writing longhand and finding motivation

I took a step back from all things writing and crafting since last April as I had so much going on with family.  l literally had three weddings and a funeral.
Anyhow, I now need to get my ass back in the chair and start tackling my third novel that I had started. As this is a new stand alone book I have gone back to writing it longhand.

I did this with my first novel, My Husband's Sin. I found it gave me time to connect with the characters, especially the main one, Lacey Taylor. Then when it came to book two, Don't Call Me Mum, also about Lacey, it was easier to write it on the laptop as I was familiar with the family.
Now writing this new novel, again I feel more at ease writing it longhand rather than typing it. Plus I feel the story flows better for me, I can feel the book more as I discover all it has to offer.

She Never Turned Up
I kept my toes dipped in the writing scene by doing some 500 word flash fiction pieces and while out for lunch last week, I took the below photo. I had bought some flowers and I placed them on the grey granite table. It immediately made me think of someone waiting for a date and it all fell through. I thought it would make a good prompt for a story.


Here too is a photo of two cups and saucers I crocheted today, to get me motivated again. This too I have captioned and could be used for a writing prompt.

Happy writing x

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A Licence to Thrill & Write

What's the next best thing to looking at pictures of your favourite author or reading their books? Well, meeting them I reckon.
I met so many writers I admire at this year's Listowel Writers Week, I shall share more in future blog posts.
I spent an evening in the company of Anthony Horowitz, screenwriter and crime writer supreme, creator of Alex Rider, Sherlock Holmes novels, Magpie Murders, it goes on and on, and yes, I was on cloud nine. Anthony is friendly, informing, engaging, oh the list is endless and yes I do think he is handsome and sexy. He has written the latest James Bond book, Forever and A Day, which he spoke about and of course all his other great reads.
Interviewed by Rick O'Shea, whom I also got to talk with, another amazing gentleman and yes equally engaging as Anthony, the two men chatted and entertained their many fans. Rick also presented me with my ROSBC badge!! I'm so proud of it, (photos in another post). Rick runs the largest online book club in Ireland and works on the national radio station with his own show. Find the book club on FaceBook, link below.
Anthony and Rick 2018

I, of course got the two gentlemen to sign my books.
To add to my enjoyment of meeting Anthony, imagine my delight when my copy of Writing Magazine popped through my letterbox three days after the festival, and there smiling at me on the cover was Mr. Anthony Horowitz himself.

A writer's life has its moments and this was one of those times that topped all others.