Sunday, 22 July 2012

Thanks Oscar (and Ken)

Well I bit the bullet and approached the shops on my own to ask would they like to stock my collection, A Baker’s Dozen, on their shelves. I must tell you I couldn’t sell water in a drought. So having got the ball rolling by my terrific brother-in-law Ken who approached the first two shops, I had to do my part. First things first, I prayed. I was as nervous as a cat cornered in an alley full of dogs. Got my bag of books and posters and into the car and I set off. Oscar and I chatted the whole way on how I would open my sales pitch. Well, Oscar listened and I spoke.
My knees weren’t knocking like I thought they would, the worst the shopkeepers can do is say no and I would smile politely, thank them for their time and then curse when I got outside. Okay so I had strategy, this put me in a positive position.
“Hi, my name is Mary Bradford and would you be interested in stocking some of my books please?”
“Sure, let me have a look”
It was now my knees went wobbly because I hadn’t prepared for them saying yes!!
So I went from town to town and all I met were kindness and smiles. So on the way home, I thanked Oscar over and over and again he listened. My books are now in Charleville, Mallow, Newcastlewest, Doneraile and Limerick newsagents and bookshops. So thank you Oscar, he’s my Guardian Angel and never lets me down, and we shall be on the road again this week.


  1. Good on you Mary! That's a huge step! And sure why wouldn't they like to have you on board. Now see who might do reviews to get it out there even more. Charlie Byrnes here in Galway would be good for stocking, I'd think. See who does reviews for a chance to get it out there more!!! Try your local paper. Good on you woman! Oh, and make sure you bring some to Fairymount!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Mari, I appreciate the advice and looking forward to Fairymount !

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