Friday, 24 August 2012

The Waiting Game

I have come to the conclusion that writers are the most patient type of people there is. We hit the keyboard or scrape our pens across paper in moments of joy or desperation and struggle for hours with plots and characters that go AWOL. Next is the editing and then more editing. Followed on by searching for agents and publishers to send our sweet little babies off to, somewhere where they will be nourished and loved like we love them. That is what our scribblings are to us, our babies, we suffer mixed emotions when creating them from joy to frustration.
So then they are emailed or posted out and we wait, wait some more, then wait another bit and finally we wait. At present I have my novel and short stories out in the world seeking a home. So each morning I wait a little bit more for an email or a letter. Even a rejection would be welcome at times. So you see, writers are the most patient type of people I know.


  1. Fingers crossed that good news comes soon, Mary. ;-)

  2. Thanks guys, I shall continue to wait no doubt :))