Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WANTED - A New Head, Apply Below

Ouch it hurts. Ohhhh it is hurting now for a long time. My head you see is full of characters and ideas and all sorts of writing stuff. But I have not been able to let the creative side of my brain free to produce for at least two weeks now. I have been busy with mother/daughter/sister/life stuff and studying for a language course so any writing I have been putting on paper has been all logical bits and pieces.
So now I have these people walking around inside my head. Their stomping over and back my forehead, the headache I have will last until I give them voice. In bed at night I wish they would make their escape out my ears and hop off my shoulders into someone else’s mind. Their roaring and shouting trying to outcry each other is unbelievable. How am I supposed to write their stories when I can’t even hear them properly? They won't let me sleep, they insist on doing Riverdance at the first sign of me nodding off. It is torture I tell you.
My notebook is full of ideas and names and it’s hard to imagine any order being made out of them. So if you have a peaceful calm mind that is free from hassle and unwritten shenanigans, please consider swapping.
Since I have always fancied being a redhead, those with luscious locks of flowing red hair will be given precedence. Plus I like my blue eyes, so I want blue eyes too. Once swapped, you can’t have your head back, sorry.
Please leave your details in the comment boxes below, thanks.



  1. This has me smiling! Think you need to take a holiday with all those characters to write more brilliant stories!

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  3. Great to be so happily involved in real life, Mary, but the life of the mind, in all its creativity, can call and often, and it does spin us round and round with ideas, scenes, words and images..
    .Hope you get the flaming red locks..I can see them now shining in that summer sunshine in Ireland. Aha, that is precisely why you are so switched's the light of the sun, oh yes!!!!

  4. Welcome those visitors Mary!! Ha... Lovely. And yes I too can see the flaming red locks!!! Oh the places you can go you divil!!! xxxMari

  5. Thank you for reading ladies, but I noticed there isn't a redhead among you :)