Saturday, 2 November 2013

Chicken Bones and Vodka

It is November 2nd, minutes after midnight, only just. Depending on the time zone you are in. Inspiration for this blog post came unexpectedly.
I was returning home to the beautiful smell or as the posh people may say the aroma of roast chicken. My nostrils absorbed this rich smell as I stepped in my front door and I immediately wanted to feast. Obviously so did my dog Buster! He was waiting for me by the stairs even though I’d put him into his bed before I left. I was only gone out to next door but had cooked the chicken earlier for dinner, a warm chicken salad which I enjoyed immensely. Having a salad in winter may seem daft but I am trying to eat healthily a bit more.
Certainly is winter outside tonight, it is frosty and so cold. The stars twinkled at me as I hopped the wall coming home. The sky inky blue and so clear of clouds. So putting Buster back in bed, grabbing a chicken leg, (I did say it smelt great) and a vodka, I hit for bed with my book.
That’s when I thought of it, Chicken bones and vodka!
I shared a great evening with 2 friends and neighbours and this is the result. Being a writer I thought why not? Others who are scribblers like me have these moments and we need to share them. The fact I’ve not written a word for the past 3 weeks is another story. Have you ever scrubbed and cleaned until your fingers curled by themselves and your wrists are so sore they are in fear of snapping? I have. Right now I wince as my fingers tap my keyboard.
But honestly roast chicken and vodka is not a bad combination. So enjoy your odd cravings and embrace what crosses your path unexpectedly. After all that’s what life is about. Be inspired and happy writing!



  1. Would make a great title for some short stories or a book Mary. Cheers!!!

  2. I've had them both separately. I can't see why having them together would be so bad... I approve.

  3. Thank you both for reading and stopping by, I appreciate it :)

  4. Great read, Mary. I'm just imagining you hopping the wall!

  5. Lovely Mary, really enjoyed this and can smell that chicken hmmmmm :) :)