Thursday, 9 January 2014

Inspirational Dreams

We all dream. Some of us can recall every detail, others not one iota. I'm the former
Where dreams are concerned, I can bring back a dream I enjoyed and continue it! Thankfully I very rarely have an unhappy dream and when I do I take note!!
So being a dreamer, is this a pro for my creative side or does it have any bearing at all?
For me, yes, it is a plus. My latest dream involves a beautiful little baby, wrapped in soft white blankets. The small bundle was sleeping alone snugly on my parents bed. Creeping closer to look at this baby I instantly knew it was a boy and his name was Joseph. What struck me most was the impact it had on me.
I know this baby. I have met this baby, this baby is mine, not one of my four children but another baby. This feeling was so strong it woke me from my sleep.
So who is Joseph? What is his story?
This tiny young man has stayed with me in a strong way. His gentle sleeping face is crystal clear in my mind.
Why was he alone? Why my parents room? Is he an angel from a miscarriage? Has Joseph been abandoned and waiting for me to care for him?
So much to consider. But patience shall play its part and Joseph will no doubt reveal all in his own way.
Happy writing.

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