Thursday, 10 April 2014

B is for Blanket of Birthday Blessings

It was my birthday. It is a time to ponder the past and wonder at the future. I am sitting in a hotel foyer and there are strangers around me. I am in Co. Mayo, 3 hours journey from home.
Before Christmas 2013, I sent out a play for a competition, my first, it was shortlisted for the Claremorris Fringe Drama Festival 2014. It is exciting to see my words that I committed to paper come alive on stage. This is a new experience for me. The play is called Something About Her. The actors bring their own understanding to the story and to see their projection and my words married together is strange but delightful. 

But on the eve of my birthday I lay in bed and thought about the year past. I do not plan for the future, I don’t really worry about it, it is out of my control so let it be.
But the year past had so many blessings. No trip to hospital or to my GP for me, with my heart history a rarity indeed. My youngest daughter moved to Germany. I went to visit and saw the beautiful Christmas markets, a must go to for everyone. 

All my other children enjoy good health as does my extended family. My short stories continue to be published. I joined a mentoring group for playwrighting, which led me to being here tonight. I signed a contract for my first novel, My Husbands Sin, with Tirgearr Publishing in Ireland, a champagne moment. I attended christenings, weddings and other celebrations. 

Looking out the window, I grew sleepy and admired the navy darkness of a frosty night. The twinkling stars dotted the inky sky, all of them winking at me, my blanket of birthday blessings. I am thankful for my life.

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