Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The New Year,  well into it now and I would not be surprised to hear the resolutions have already taken a nose dive for many. I, myself don’t entertain them, stopped it years ago. I was tired of feeling a failure, yes, I too, failed miserably.
Then earlier in this month, I was chatting with writer Mary Angland, https://maryangland.wordpress.com/about/ and she said she was giving herself a task a month. Well that sounded like something I could handle, so for this month, it would be to eat healthily, cut out the junk food. Next, month, I would do a daily walk, (I’ve slackened off on this), then, for March, stop using curse words, (when I am cross, they slip out) and so on, you get the picture, I’m sure. But the beauty is because you have been doing whatever daily, there is a greater chance you will continue it in to the next month anyway.
So then I got really excited and thought I might adapt this to my writing life. So I wrote my to-do list, which had projects I’m working on plus my aims for this year. It helped. I put the must finish into one column, the editing work into another, ideas another and competition deadlines another and my plays in another. It really looks a lot more manageable when it is broken into baby steps.
I am very excited about my writing this year, I had a brilliant 2014 writing wise, (read all about it here in my pages file to the right of my blog).
In my personal life, the highlight of it all was my eldest born getting married. It was the very best day ever. My son, Liam and my daughter-in-law, Laura, shared a wonderful day with family and friends. 
There you have it, it’s all in the baby steps. 

Wishing you a healthy and loving 2015.

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