Monday, 4 May 2015

A Sequel, or not a Sequel.

  I was catching up on my reviews for my novel, My Husband's Sin and was thrilled to read such favourable and kind words, yet, I was so surprised, I was amazed to see so many requests for me to write a sequel. My readers were so taken with the Taylor family in my novel, that they would like to know more. What a wonderful dilemma to have.
  So do I give my readers what they want, which sounds the sensible thing to do or do I leave well enough alone and move on with my other projects?
  If I do write a sequel, how long can I leave timewise to pass before I get one out there?
  When I started writing I never dreamed I would be in such a happy position, especially with my first novel.
  A funny thing with writing I discovered only lately is, the book I thought about doing a sequel or a spin off is my historical western, The Runaway, I could see two of my side characters stories forming as I was writing Jed's story. I am intersted to see if my readers of this book ask the same request for a sequel, I shall wait and see.
  If you have not had the opportunity to read either of my books you will find them at the links below.

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The Runaway  available in both eBook and print format.
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