Monday, 1 February 2016

The First

Well, we are a month into the New Year and January is behind us. How are you all doing? Have you stuck to your resolutions or maybe you didn't bother. I skipped making any.
My year got off to a shaky start with my health taking a wobble, but all has ironed out now and onwards and upwards.
But a writer is never off duty. I started the sequel to my novel, My Husband's Sin. I take up the story about the relationship between Lacey Taylor and her birth mother, Cora Maguire. I have also enrolled for a short seven week scriptwriting course in Limerick. Something new and looking forward to it. Will share how I get on with this in a later post in March. I'm dabbling with another new play and of course some flash fiction.
Old Irish church ruin.
Today, February the 1st is St. Brigid's day. A lady that is special to Ireland and whose cloak worked magic over the land owned by the King of Leinster. She built a convent on this land. She is associated with healing and women's issues.
My connection with this feast day, is I left my parent's home at 18 years old to take up a job in Dublin. I travelled by train and I had only ever set foot in Dublin once before and that was when I was seven on a school trip! I was a bag of nerves, leaving a small town and heading to the Big Smoke, the capital of Ireland. While living in Dublin, I met my hubby and raised our four children. Now I live in the small town that I left all those years ago. But on February the 1st each year, I remember the Sunday, I hugged my parents goodbye and headed off alone. It was while in Dublin that I started writing and nurtured this hobby by attending courses and getting my diploma in Creative Writing.
So, a new month, a new year and new plans. Have a good and blessed one.

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