Monday, 13 February 2017

Steaming Hot to Cool & Calm for this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is upon us and romance is in the air. Shops are full of lovehearts and all things chocolate and roses. But if shelves of red plastic lips, edible panties, and 'I Love You' balloons don't do it for you, if you prefer to curl up in your PJ's and read a good book, then I can give you a choice. As a writer, I've approached the relationships of two couples in totally different ways.
If you like your reading Hot, Steamy, Sizzling and Detailed, then One Night in Barcelona is for you. A novella that is part of the Hot City Night Series from Tirgearr Publishing Each book is a stand-alone story, giving you a chance to visit many different cities in a sexy read.

In One Night in Barcelona, Natasha & Carlos meet and sparks fly. What can happen in 24 hours will leaving you wanting more. Grab your book here.

BUT, if you like your romance Soft and Gentle, where a kiss sets you on a trip of passion in your own mind and your heart flutters at the suggestion of love, then Destiny is for you. Set in 1800's America, Charlie and Ahyoka, two people from different cultures, thrown together by fate. Their story has you asking will they ever be together or are they doomed from the start?

If you too wish to be charmed by Charlie, then follow the link below to buy your copy. Destiny is available in both eBook and print format.

Whatever your choice of romance, enjoy this Valentine's Day.

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