Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Post From A Ghost

Our gorgeous hostess & yours truly!

Although the rain poured down on Saturday, May 27th in Dublin, the sun was shining in the most quaint coffee shop in Books Upstairs on D'Olier Street.
I was attending an event hosted by the International Literature Festival Dublin (ILFD), having received my invitation in the post. It kicked off at eleven, our hostess welcoming us and thanking us for turning up on such a bad wet day.                                         .

How did I get involved? Well, on the ILFD website I spotted a piece that sounded interesting and different. I filled in the details required and waited to receive my letter.
I received my Post from A Ghost during the week and it was exciting seeing a gold envelope with a red wax seal on the back flop on to the mat.
My letter was from the pages of The Bridges of Madison County, a favourite book of mine. I plan to frame this letter as it was beautifully written and has special meaning for me, unknown to the organiser!

During the morning, those of us who were there, wrote our own letters and have now posted them out to the world. It is a lovely idea and one I hope to continue. Whenever a piece of writing resonates with me, I will share it through Post from A Ghost.
To explain what it is all about and if you want to get involved, visit the link below to learn more.


  1. Fair play, Mary, you're always up for a challenge🤗

  2. It was a lovely event, well worth braving the rain for. I had to run out early as I was on collection duty, I was sorry I couldn't stay and chat to the rest of you.