Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Some Secrets I Want to Share ...

I spent this morning answering questions for an interview with a top blogger who has interviewed well over 4000 writers, but more on that interview at a later date.
But some of the questions, Fiona put to me had me really thinking not just about my novel but also my sequel which is at present with my publisher's, (Tirgearr) editor.

So below are some secrets about my novel, My Husband's Sin for your enjoyment.

Fun Facts About My Debut Novel

  1. The scene in the novel where Sally recalls childhood memories of time spent in the Zoo is based on truth. My children loved going to Dublin Zoo, we held a family season ticket, and on one of the trips, they chased a mouse from one enclosure to another with other children joining them. They ignored all the wonderful animals around us and loved the mouse. 
  2. The solicitor, Philip Sherman's love for Ginger Nut biscuits are indeed my own favourites.  
  3. I was inspired while attending a funeral to write my book. I was standing by the graveside when the thought of family secrets first crept in to my head.
  4. The working title for my novel was A Thorn in My Side, but when my writing friend, Marie O'Halloran was reading the manuscript, she said "There's your title", pointing to the words that Lillian Taylor signs off with in her letter. 

Here are the links for you to get your copy: 


  1. Interesting facts. In the US, we'd call those biscuits Ginger Snap Cookies :-)

  2. It's what you have done with the details that makes your writing a success Mary! :) :) :) and great to have a writing buddy that can spot the perfect title under your nose! hope you made her a cuppa for her trouble :)