Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Launching today, Novel Two

It's here, the day of all days that I am so excited about. Release day for my second novel, Don't Call Me Mum. 
Use this link to get your copy for 99c/99p

The joy of seeing your hard work come to fruition is overwhelming, the edits, the cover, (oh I love the cover part), the launch day and sharing it, Heaven. I am beyond thrilled. It spurs you on to the next book, what will it be? Who will be in it? What is the story? All the questions waiting for answers. 

In this novel you will meet all sorts of family dramas, old characters and new. The Taylor's have gone through their own share of heartache, how much more can they take? When life should be strolling along for them, it is sprinting ahead to the unknown. 

I know you will enjoy this book, I really enjoyed writing it. So tell your friends and family and let's get this book on the road so everyone knows it's out there. 

Happy reading and happy writing xx

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