Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Rare Sighting is Being Enjoyed Right Now


Where would we Irish be without it? The best ice-breaker in all social occasions. This year in Ireland, Spring didn't turn up! As far as I'm concerned, it was just one long winter since Nov 2017. Admittedly we got one glorious day in April, and many thought that may have been our summer, but thankfully that rare sighting of the sun has made another appearance this May weekend.
This got me thinking (dangerous thing having me thinking) how does the weather play a part in your writing? Does it make an appearance at all? How effective is it in writing?
In my first novel, My Husband's Sin, I used the weather to tell the passing of seasons/time. Describing the days using clothing, school holidays etc.
'The biting wind whipped her scarf off as she grabbed it to cover her mouth and nose from the Arctic cold while she raced for home...'
'Rain pelted down now for five days, fields filling with water, animals stranded on island like patches dotted throughout the countryside...'
I've noticed too that my characters moods are reflected in the weather of the time, sunny bright days = upbeat mood, joyful, contented.
How do you use the weather in your writing? Have you paragraphs describing the elements or just a passing mention? How much is too much? Or do you believe its essential when creating mood, atmosphere or scene setting?
Weather , whatever we think of it or how we feel, one thing's for certain, it has a big part to play in life.

Happy writing, x

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