Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Fun Festive Poem

C is for Cupid to whom I pray.
H is for my heart, so full of love to share.
R is for Richard, who I know is here to stay.
I is for In Love, I’m so in ecstasy!
S is for the secret that lies within Richards’s soul.
T is for Thomas who never seems far away,
M is for his muscles, for which Richard swoons and sways.
A is for the alter, where they vow to love forever.
S is for my silent tears, I’m back to where I started,
                      I’m on my knees to pray.                    


  1. Lovely Mary, Happy Christmas to you and yours:)) Love Maire xx

  2. Lovely is right! Nice one Mary. A very Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hugs 'n love. xxx mari

  3. Mary, it really is a fun poem....
    Have a wonderful and happy christmas...
    Love, BARBARA XX