Thursday, 26 January 2012


The trouble with reading is it stops me from living, as in, other aspects of my life gets ignored. This blog, the ironing, the shopping, the husband (only joking, I think!) all gets pushed to the side. I got some books for Christmas just gone and found time has slipped by. Oh yes I never wished you all a Happy New Year either, sorry! I read Anthony Horowitz's, House of Silk, (Sherlock Holmes Story) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He wrote a brilliant tale of intrigue and really got into the characters of both Holmes and Watson brilliantly. The only fly in the ointment for me was on page 244 where Sherlock is told he is a cool customer. Would they have used such an expression in the late 1800’s?
Another book I read was Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. The reviews this received in magazines were great. It’s a ghost story and I love a good ghost story but this was very disappointing. I would be slow to recommend it. The descriptions of the isolation of the Arctic wildnerness are excellent but the story fell very short for me. It certainly didn’t live up to don’t read this alone.
I am now stuck into Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer Novels and it is amazing. It is early to bed for me with Mickey Haller and he certainly delivers! I shall try to catch up again soon and I intend to teach my hubby how to iron J.

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