Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review: I Don't Want To Be Famous

Michela Pasquali
As a short story writer myself, it was great to get the opportunity to read another writers work and review it. A canadian writer, Michela Pasquali's collection 'I Don't Want To Be Famous' is a varied mix of people, from children to grandmothers and lovers in between. Her ability to create these characters is terrific. Each story is wrapped in warmth and her description of the worlds her characters’ inhabit is realistic to the point I could feel the apprehension Henry had while waiting for his brother in Dragon’s and Sailing Ships. The soft silence of a snow covered landscape made me shiver as I travelled with Hiroshi to meet his loved one in Snow. I think this is my favourite story, then again, the chanting and noise in The Oracle Temple had me closing my eyes and picturing the vibrant and busy temple.
 Michela’s writing style is that of a natural storyteller. She enjoys her craft and this comes across in her stories. Her attention to detail aids the setting so that all senses are satisfied, ‘the swallows flying in gentle arcs’, ‘the laundry flapping in the wind’ and ‘the bottoms of his feet burning and bubbling’.
This collection of seven stories is a treat to read. The length of each story, just over 700 words, allows the reader to dip in and out when having a coffee or travelling to ease the journey to or from work. Michela is a talented writer who treats her characters with the care and attention they crave and so their stories are delivered to us in a way that leaves us, the reader longing for more. ‘I Don’t Want To Be Famous’ is a must for all readers of good stories. Looking forward to the next collection from Michela Pasquali, I hope it is soon.
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  1. Nice review, Mary. I'll have to take a look at this one.

  2. Brilliant review Mary. Thanks for posting.