Thursday, 16 May 2013

More than one style of Hangover!

Most of us have endured a hangover of the alcohol type or maybe even a chocolate binge headache at some stage. Reading my friends Blogspot about a word hangover she suffered it got me thinking can one have a driving hangover? You know the way you are on the road driving so much which I have been lately. I made three trips to Dublin from my home town (which is a round trip of 300 miles each time) in one week, not including in between shorter trips and so when you get to bed you can’t stretch your legs? The backs of my knees were aching; I couldn’t straighten my legs without being in agony. The same applied to my arms, in particular my elbows, from holding the steering wheel.
I was exhausted to say the least and like Marie in her blog post, she was longing to get the written word going again, I felt the need to drive the following day although my body begged to differ with my mind. Are we suckers for punishment? Maybe I need to learn my limits and live by them. So when you binge on whatever causes you to suffer the following day remember you are just having a hangover!
Check out Marie’s word hangover at the link below,




  1. Never thought of the driving hangover. Brilliant piece Mary!

    1. Thank you Marie for the inspiration