Sunday, 15 September 2013

Writing in the Gaps :)

It’s in all the writing magazines, blog-posts and author pages. What is? I hear you ask. Making time to write, that’s what I’m talking about. Sounds easy, just a tab of discipline needed, so ‘they’ say. Well, when you have housework, children, work and life in the mix, finding time to write is a luxury. I’ve burnt the bacon, boiled the eggs dry, wore my jumper on inside out and don’t ask what happened with the cabbage. But the neighbours smelled it for a week later and all because I was writing in my head. Clenching thoughts and ideas in my brain cells, until I get a pen in my hand and allow them to escape along the page. Excitement rising.
Making time to write is about keeping a notebook nearby, I feel. Grabbing every opportunity that presents itself, this is why this post is being written at the hairdressers, while my luscious locks are being attended to. Honest? Okay the greys are being covered.
Light-hearted aside I do make time to scribble each day. It may be thirty minutes, it may be ten and when life allows, a trip to my local library for a few hours. The dust collects, the laundry gathers, the vegetables go soft regardless of the crisp salad box they’re in, yet I sneak a few notes down, an idea here and there. So they get written, a short story, a blog-post, an entry for a competition and inspirations for other projects.
But to have a clear run of the day to write is a dream for many. Imagine having full days where the cup of tea is handed to you and dinner prepared. Oh bliss! we all deserve this time, why? Because we are worth it as they say on a certain hair product. So if the opportunity arises where a full day is gifted to you for writing, grab it and enjoy. If not, use your notebook.


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