Monday, 4 August 2014


Today I have the great honour in introducing to you, a wonderful person, poet, Jack Byrne. I really am thrilled to host Jack as I have been an admirer of his work for a long time. So let’s get started.

Mary Bradford: I know you as Jack, but I see you also called John, so which do I call you? 

Jack Byrne: Allow me to introduce myself, I’m John Byrne universally known as Jack. I am from a small village called Newtownmountkennedy in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I’m getting a wee bit old now. I’m married to Valerie and I’ve been writing for more than ten years, mainly poetry in the traditional genre. I try my hand also at Oriental style poetry in the form of haiku, haiga and tanka. I have had relative success at being published in all the styles I’ve mentioned, both in Ireland and abroad. Thanks to you, Mary, I am striving to write short stories with some success.

MB: That is a kind thing to say Jack, thank you. But you are here to tell us about your latest project?
JB: My latest project is a step in to that great fast flowing river of published works, a chapbook of poetry titled ‘Roses and Rhyme'. Forty love poems, most in the traditional form with some tanka and haiku mixed in. I am excited about getting my work out there so to speak, reaching a new and wider audience. I believe by sharing my work, it will give me an indication of my works acceptance in general and boost connections with other writers and poets. So any writer/poet wanting to contact me please do so.

MB: Where does the inspiration for your poetry come from?
JB: The inspiration for the type of poetry I write, well, my answer would be life, in all its wonderful forms, human, insect, marine, creatures of the air, there is no end to inspiration, happiness or sadness, it’s all there to write about. My greatest influences in poetry mainly concern the genres which I write in, Francis Ledwidge and Katharine Tynan Hinkson for Traditional and Issa for Oriental works. 

MB: Where can a copy of your chapbook of poetry, ‘Roses and Rhyme’ be purchased?
JB:Roses and Rhyme’ is available to purchase directly from me at present and I can be reached at the following links below. Price per copy is €10, including P&P.
Twitter:  @sirjackbee           Email: 

MB: Finally Jack, you have a link where people can hear your poetry being read?
JB: Yes a sample of my work can be heard at the following link, 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Daniel, looking forward to the launch of your novel, I, Vladimir, later this year.

  2. Thank you Mary my dear friend for your very kind introduction and very professional interview, it was entirely my pleasure, I wish you well in your forthcoming launch of "My Husband's Sin" which I eagerly wait to read ,I'm sure it will be a best seller
    Jack xx

    1. Ah Jack, I loved your book. I keep it in my bag and dip in and out of it to read your magical words. I am delighted you allowed me to host you. xxx