Thursday, 21 August 2014

Almost There, One More Sleep

Page 2 of The Vale Star today.

With what has been a very tough emotional week, a close family member is very ill, it is wonderful to see it brighten today. There is an article about me in today's paper and people are so nice coming up to me and congratulating me on my novel, My Husband's Sin, due out tomorrow. I was getting hugs too and I love hugs.

Then this afternoon, some of the swag for promoting my book was delivered. I got really excited as I and my writing friend, author Daniel Kaye, worked hard on them. They are gorgeous. So I shall be getting them out over the next few days. My Husbands Sin is coming alive!

Check out the photo to see the postcards, aren't they cool?
On the front is a picture of my fantastic book cover and the blurb from my novel. Then on the reverse is an author bio and links to where it is available to buy, plus my photo of course. It is making it all so real now. Must say I'm nervous.
Tomorrow it all happen's!

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  1. The cards look amazing! Congrats on the article and the release of your first novel.