Thursday, 2 October 2014

Meet Ted, Storyteller Supreme

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Did you know that western books are the most borrowed genre from libraries? Yep, so put on your Stetsons, pull on those chaps, don't forget the spurs and get ready to read some wonderful writing from top class western writers.I was thrilled when asked to join a group, who are reviving the Western genre and I heartily agreed to become a member. The group are called Writers of the West and more of what this outstanding collection of writers has to offer can be found at the following link 

This week I introduce you to Ted Atoka, a man of awesome writing talents. He hails from the US and has written in many genres but it is through the Writers of the West that I first met this wonderful man. His novella, Come Sundown, under the auspices of Writers of the West  is a story about The Horse Trough Saloon, in Oklahoma. The saloon is being threatened by ruthless investors from Las Vegas, but what they haven't bargained for are the local townsfolk giving them a fight to protect what is theirs.
Come Sundown is available in both ebook from and Amazon , Lulu and in print from

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Ted has many short stories, novellas and books to his credit, he is a natural storyteller and when it comes to writing about everyday relationships, the man is a master. He connects the reader to his characters in a warm and subtle way that makes you the reader a part of the story.

For a more intimate setting why not pop over to and see what the man has to say for himself and why not visit his website and connect with this top class writer at

“Writers of the West” brings some of the best contemporary penslingers in fiction, offering up western storytelling based on just about every other genre you can imagine......all focusing on the original superheroes—cowboys, cowgirls and people of grit who tamed the wild west, or died trying."
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