Monday, 13 October 2014


But I am going to tell you anyway.  I was reading an article on ‘Do People Really Know You?’  It was interesting and I decided I would share some things that most people would not know about me.  These are random facts, nothing earth shattering but maybe surprising. So here goes.

I sleep on the right side of the bed. Even in a single, I turn to the right.

I have never been on a horse. Something I must do.

I love being put to sleep by anaesthetic, (will be explained by a later fact)

Courtesy of Wikipedia. 
I dislike mornings, until I get up then I’m okay. My Dad always said it was the best time of the day and he was right.

My favourite painting is ‘The Meeting on the Turret Stairs’ by  Frederic William Burton. I have it on my sitting room wall, above the mantel.  The real thing is totally beautiful to look at.

I enjoy ironing; I find it therapeutic and a great time to think about my stories. My characters and I have great conversations with each other.

I love strong colours, reds, oranges, autumn colours and deep purples, pinks and blues.

I like to go against the norm, to think outside the box, to test my comfort zones. 

I have had meningitis in my late teens and most things ending in ‘itis’. I have been my doctor’s best friend, a real challenge for the poor man. The day I walked out of his surgery on my own and not have to be taken out on a trolley to a waiting ambulance, he said he should have taken a photo.

One of the occasions, in the ambulance with blue lights flashing, I found myself slipping into unconsciousness, then I heard the paramedic say”Step on it, Mike, we’re losing her”, and I said my goodbyes to my family in my heart and cried.

I give thanks to God, daily for the many blessings in my life.

To read more about the above painting , please follow the link. 

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