Monday, 23 March 2015

Excitement Building for New Title Due Out.

I have been putting the finishing touches to my next offering, dear Readers. This time I am going to the Wild West for my story. I loved having to research that time, the 1800's, in American History and I must say, I learned a lot.
Posing in front of some of Michael's land. 
When I was asked to write some novellas in the Western genre, I hesitated. Yet after reading up on the era, I was totally engrossed and accepted the challenge.
The kind offer came from the boss of and I signed my contract with them last year. It was great fun having to have my profile photo taken for their site, they required it to be western in style, obviously!
Arriving for the Shoot!

Never to shy away from a challenge, I phoned my brother for permission to use his haybarn and his licensed guns. Next I asked my brother-in-law to take some photos, he is a great photographer. With all the gear in hand we headed off to the farm and to say we laughed is an understatement. The two men, were splitting themselves as I tried to balance against the bales of hay, giving me orders not to smile as I had a gun in my hand and I was supposed to be shooting at outlaws! Honestly!
My new friend.
It was like being in a movie. When I did come off the hay, I had a calf try to eat my jeans and it kept nuzzling my legs.
It was wonderful fun. So to celebrate my next title, due shortly, I though by giving you a little background, it might set the scene and wet your whistle.
All photos in this post courtesy of Joe Mulvihill, setting, my brother Michael's farm, in Limerick.

Oh the title of my first novella in the western genre? The Runaway


  1. You make a fine "Annie Oakley" Mary, I hope that gun wasn't loaded , best of luck with your next novella

    1. Thank you so much, Jack, the next one is available in print format too, :)