Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Number 13, unlucky for Natasha?

Are you superstitious? Does the number thirteen have you breaking out in a cold sweat? Or does walking beneath a ladder? What about stepping on the crack on a pavement, does it leave you blessing yourselves a hundred times a day? I guess we are either believers or non-believers.
Galway, Ireland
I sort of fall in to the second category, I am not superstitious but I do respect traditions and customs. There is no better place than Ireland for all of the above, we are a country steeped in tradition, custom and superstition. But back to the dreaded number 13!

When my publisher, told me that my romance, One Night in Barcelona, would be number 13 in their City Nights Series, I was not perturbed by it.
In fact I believe 13 to be a good number for personal reasons that some have told me are odd. But it works for me. A story for another time for sure.
But did it work for Natasha Gordon? She is the lady who heads to Barcelona for a getaway break. Was it what she expected? How did the weekend turn out for her?
Was being number 13 in the series unlucky for her? Why not buy your copy and find out did she survive the unlucky superstition for some and help make her weekend to that beautiful city a happy one. Here are the links to help you.
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