Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ghosteire. Mixing with Spirits of a Different Kind

As a writer I am told a lot that I must have a great imagination, well that imagination needs feeding, so imagine my delight when I was invited to take part in a paranormal investigation.
I jumped at the chance. Research is research.
So armed with a few prayers before I went in to the building where it was all happening, I joined the handful of others who were there to share the evening with me. We were in a theatre, a former cinema in Co. Limerick.
The team from Ghosteire were very welcoming and friendly. Anthony, who seemed to be the main man, introduced the other members and explained about the equipment that was scattered around the building. There were cameras, recorders, mirrors, laptops to connect with the other equipment in other rooms so we could see on screen what, if anything happened.
First, Anthony and the team used the talking board to ask questions to the spirits present to come forward. One duly obliged, a female from 1680 dressed in black.
When asked what type of spirit was she, she told us she manifested as an angel. But she was not alone. There were a total of 8 spirits on stage. Because we were in a theatre, Anthony asked questions connected to acting and other fellow actors/actresses. We learnt that she was attracted to the actor, Jack Oakey, in fact, this guy's name came up twice during the evening. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Oakie
The session closed with a seance on the stage. We, the guests were invited to take part if we wish and we wished!
What an experience, the vibrating, the cold breeze, the rocking of the table, all amazing. I should add that before the event began, Anthony told us that at any stage we were free to leave if we felt uncomfortable for any reason. We were also given paper and pen to record anything we ourselves felt or saw or heard during the evening.
Did I sense or feel or hear anything? I sure did. My seat got very hot, the back of it, and I could not sit back, I had to keep leaning forward. The heat had started on the back of my neck and moved into the chair. I got a strong burning smell on another occasion. I also heard a rumbling from a nearby empty room the same time as others, we all turned our heads at the same moment.
Others there experienced sensations too, while a few did not.
Would I go again? For sure!
I want to thank, Anthony and the Ghosteire team for their friendliness and the opportunity to share in such a learning experience.
To find out more about Ghosteire, follow the links below.



  1. Replies
    1. It was a great one, Daniel, I hope to have another one with this talented group.

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