Monday, 2 November 2015

Another Title 
As a writer, I am exploring different genres and I am so enjoying the journey so far. My latest, Roll Up, Roll Up! is a short story in the horror genre. I was amazed when this story came to me as I would not have considered writing horror before that ever. It shows we are a servant to our craft. When a character comes in to our heads, it demands to be listened to.
Writing in different genres has given me plenty to think about. So far, I have written contemporary, erotic, western and now horror. I have also a paranormal novel waiting to be completed.
I would encourage other writers to try different genres and move out of your comfort zone even if only as an exercise. It helps the creative mind to think in different ways, how to express emotion, atmosphere, conflict and pace under different circumstances.
Take the western genre for example, I had to do my research and I so enjoyed reading about life in the 1800's in America. I purchased two great books, Everyday Life among the American Indians, 1800 to 1900, A Guide for Writers, Students & Historians by Candy Moulton, the other one, The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's by Marc McCutcheon. Both of these books are available on Amazon.
Even writing erotic romance, I had to do my homework!
So enjoy my latest offering in the short story, Roll Up, Roll Up! and give it a go. So horror, paranormal, western, erotic romance, western romance and contemporary, I have dabbled in. And, yes, I have found my favourite genre to write in. I don't think I would have only that I explored different genres and now I know what is the most comfortable for me to write in.
Happy writing, :)

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