Wednesday, 18 November 2015

ANSWER to the The Romance Review Q & A HERE

Are you taking part in the great The Romance Rview question and answer giveaway? Well to answer my question on the giveaway, read the below excerpt from, One Night in Barcelona, to find the answer. Hint, it is in bold writing. Got it? Now click on the link to the TRR site on the right hand side of my blog page to take you to the site. Good luck!

One Night in Barcelona Excerpt

“And that is why it is the best place in the world.” Carlos took a bow and Natasha clapped. They went and sat on some steps. The spray from a nearby fountain covered them in a fine mist. The water rose into the air in tiers, each one reaching higher than the last. This city was even spectacular by night.
It was true what Carlos had said. Barcelona was the best place in the world. She rested her head on his shoulder. He placed an arm around her and they sat quietly for a few minutes, soaking in the tranquillity that the sound of water can bring. It was this sound that reminded Natasha that she still wanted to see the statue of Christopher Columbus.
“Come on lazybones, your tour guide duties are not over yet.” She jumped up and dragged him with her. “I want to see Christopher Columbus, the guy that haunted me in history lessons in school.”
Carlos led them to Port Veil and soon the great column came into sight. The man himself, cast in bronze, was perched on top, looking out to sea. The base of the monument was huge and lions and winged angels adorned the magnificent structure.
The bay was beautiful even at night. Some cruise liners were anchored further out, their lights twinkling against the black background. Barcelona was a favourite stopover spot for the cruise industry.
Carlos took Natasha over to a low harbour wall. There were some smaller boats moored nearby. They bobbed up and down with the swell of the Mediterranean.

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