Saturday, 6 January 2018

Remember, Resolutions Are A Business

A new year begins, a clean slate, a new chapter, all the usual clichés and as you look about you, the shelves are full of magazines telling us what to do. Radio and television have shows dedicated to getting you off the couch and get moving, and yes, I see nothing whatsoever wrong with being told exercise is good for us.
BUT, but why are you doing it? A lot of what we do is because of outside influences. 
Do you stop to think these new resolutions you will carry out with great fervour for a month or two are actually suited to you?
An example, you pay for a gym, buy new gear and after a few weeks, the novelty wears off (the weather is too bad to go out). Dieting? 50 different ways with lettuce is not very appetising, is it? Pressure makes us act in ways that if we stop to think about what we are doing, we might act differently. Why not go for a walk each day? Cheaper and you are still getting your exercise.
What I'm trying to say is, look in to yourself. See what is important to your life. Is there a change needed in it? If there is, approach it with an open mind.
What you read and see around you are companies that need to make a profit. New Year resolutions are a business for them.
So tread with caution, make small changes, ones that can be achieved. Nowhere is it said or written, that resolutions must be made in January, you can start anytime. If you do go for making a change in January to better your life, then wait until February to make the next change. By then the first one will be part of your daily routine and will not be a challenge to continue as you introduce the next.
This can be applied to all aspects of life, even your writing. You like to enter short story competitions? It can be costly, so set a budget for the year, even search for free ones online. Can't write each day but would love to? Why not make it 15 minutes a day? We can all squeeze in 15 minutes but not maybe two hours. Consider less television viewing and write instead, maybe two or three evenings a week. You still get your fix of TV but you also get your writing mojo up and active.
Whatever you decide, I wish you a happy and healthy 2018 and remember don't rush in, think about you and not what the advertisements are telling us we need.
Lecture over for now 😍

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