Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Today is a new day to a New Year. So Stop! Do not rush to fill each date on the calendar with what you must do or what others tell you what you must do. Yes we have dates that are pre-planed; I have two weddings to attend this year, yippee. Think about the everyday stuff.
Take each day for itself. Do not add to its trials with worry. Try instead to take the good moments no matter how few and focus on those. If work is difficult, look on the positive of having a job, many don’t. If the kids are driving you crazy, be positive you are in a family, many wish to be.
What I’m attempting to say is take each new day as a chance to find the blessings in your life. These are what will pull you through on the dark days. Each morning starts without blot or stain, it is us that smears its clean slate by rushing in unthinking.
I wish you all a healthy and happy 2013. Just think 365 days for us to wake up to knowing that the day ahead of us is truly a present. So live in it.


  1. Good advice, Mary - best wishes for 2013! :)


  2. Thank you Marion, it is my resolution for this year. Take time to think about all thats good in my life. Hope 2013 is all that you wish for and more :)