Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Guilty and Welcome !

I am guilty, it is agreed. I was speaking with my writing friends and we were chatting about social media. It was an interesting discussion about how often we should be on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Linkedin to name a few. I personally feel it should be a disciplined approach that one should take when dealing with the Internet. I deliberately took December off from all 'net related stuff and am glad I did so. I had a hectic November with my A Bakers Dozen launch night and also partaking in NaNoWriMo. So with family returning for the festive season I had enough on my plate to keep me busy and to focus on them was my priority.
But what about your followers and fellow writing friends was asked of me in horror at my actions? Well I am sure their lives continued just fine I answered. But the look of sadness I received was heartbreaking for me. So for all my lovely new followers (and thank you for doing so) on Twitter I am sorry for not welcoming you individually, please accept this apology with the genuine good heart it is given with. Also my other net friends I will be back to read all about your bits n pieces too.
But I do feel there is life outside the 'net and balance is what it is all about. Do you really want to know what I had for dinner and breakfast or if I'm wearing blue or pink socks? I thought not. But when something happens that is interesting then I shall tell you all about it I promise. Am I forgiven?


  1. Nicely said Mary! And of course you're forgiven. How else can we writers write? By not being on FB etc. It's a fine line with trying to keep in touch. But it can be done. xxxxHappy writing!!! Mari

  2. Thanks Mari, I shall get there eventually !