Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To Do List

I sat to write today but I couldn't get started. The white empty page remained without a blemish. So I doodled and thought about all I had to do, housework, family runs and of course my writing.  I deciced on a to-do list. I filled my blank lonely looking page with a list of ironing, polishing and all the household chores that need attending to. Then I wrote about the places I needed to go or take family members to and shortly after I found myself writing a short story without meaning to.
I had cleared my head and now my inspiration was taking over. I wrote 500 words and shall continue it to about 1500 or so. Imagine from a blank page to a list of stuff, to the beginnings of a short story about a woman under pressure to meet a deadline and has distractions thrown at her which makes her task all the more difficult. So you see, it's amazing what can come from an everyday to-do list. Happy writing !


  1. Ha!

    Maybe I'll give that a try, Mary :)

  2. There's always a way through, and I think you've found a foolproof path. Good for you. ;-)

  3. You're such a powerhouse Mary, an inspiration to us all, definately glad to know you xxx Jack

    1. Thank you all, it is amazing how we can struggle through and end up with new ideas.