Thursday, 15 August 2013

Normality Returns, hurray

Today I return to normality, well what is normality for me at least. For the next three days I shall enjoy my regular routine, after that it is off on the road again until September. It has been awhile since I have had the opportunity to put pen to paper due to other commitments, family and otherwise. I got to my library this morning where I penned these few words and oh boy does it feel good. I feel refreshed and eager to go with so much trapped inside me aching to get out. It is a shame my fingers cannot keep up with my thoughts. It also brought home to me how much we are creatures of habit. Take shopping for example, (what has this to do with writing I hear you ask?) well, nothing but stick with me and I shall explain. When you go to the supermarket, everyone starts in the same aisle and go around a certain route of the shop. I wanted to be different so I started at the further side of the shop and oh God was it a nightmare. It felt alien to walk against the flow plus it made me so disorientated that I had to start at the usual side before I finished. See, that’s what I mean we are creatures of habit. And like this morning my very presence in the library meant my fingers were dancing with joy to hit the keyboards. I never said what they wanted to say would be interesting after all they are a little rusty. So habit/normality call it what you will, oh the joys to be back in it. Happy writing !

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